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Chris Dodd, the MPAA, and SOPA

Why we can’t count on our “representatives” or each other. Today marked one of the few victories for freedom, accountability, and transparency that we have seen in quite a while. Yet while millions gathered online petitions, called their congressmen, and generally leveraged the power of the net to save its very soul (at least for now), one curious fact seems to have escaped widespread scrutiny and analysis. It seems that following his retirement after 36 years of “service” as a lawmaker, in May of last year Democratic Senator Chris Dodd took the job of Chairman and CEO for the Motion Picture Association of America. We have to thank Glen Greenwald for pointing this out earlier today amidst all the campaigning against the Stop Online Piracy Act . Not only did Sen. Dodd take this job after retiring from the Senate, he did so after specifically stating he would not become a lobbyist like so many other Congressmen on their way out of Capitol Hill. Of course the title he currently holds is