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Vote Trump? What do you stand for?

If you choose to vote for Trump today you are choosing to vote against the constitution of the United States of America, you are voting against the principles of our founders. Those great men fundamentally believed in the idea that the vices and desires of petty individuals would need to be contained and channeled through a constitutional framework, through a system of checks and balances. This was done to ensure the continual liberty and prosperity of the people and to prevent the tyranny of powerful men from dominating the destiny of millions. They did not believe men to be angels, nor saviors, they knew them to be as all humans are, especially the “great” men in history; flawed, prone to mistake and hubris, and often more concerned with keeping themselves in power than serving the interests of people. They were not blinded by the promise and hope before them, but rather saw clearly the dark and tragic history of mankind and all the dangers of an unrestrained populist rev