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9% Approval for Strike on Syria, Obama Does Not Care

  An Ipsos/Reuters poll released on Monday gave a 9% approval rating among Americans for launching a strike on Syria. Even taking into consideration definitive proof that the Assad regime was behind the recent chemical weapons attack on civilians, approval for strikes only rises to 25%. We have only a small minority of Americans who are supportive of the US striking Syria, yet today more news is coming out that cruise missiles may be launched as early as Thursday August 29 th .   On top of this, only a handful of members of Congress, such as Rep. Justin Amash from Texas, are even arguing that any use of force needs to be specifically authorized by the legislature. Most are going along with the whole plan and they feel that a couple phone calls from the white house are enough “consultation” to be in line with the War Powers Act and the Constitution. Ignoring for a moment arguments about the constitutionality of strikes on Syria, we are faced with the disheartening situation in